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Enjoy the benefits of premium

With a simple one-time fee, you can enjoy a higher quality of music with nothing stopping you.

  • Ad-free music (no interruptions)
  • Unlimited skips - no shuffle-only mode
  • Listen offline
Updated API

Our automated upgrader has been updated to work with Spotify's new API.

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Why should I upgrade?

Who doesn't want the benefits of Spotify's amazing premium service at lower prices?

Cheap one-time payment

You can enjoy everything that premium has to offer you, at this cheap one time cost. Pay once and never again.

Ad-free streaming

No more annoying interruptions from the repetitive ads. Just sit back and enjoy your music.

Offline streaming

Listen to your great selection of music on the go with the downloadable playlists.

High Quality Streaming

Enjoy a higher bitrate of streaming on your loudspeakers without compromising data.

Upgrade to Premium

All you need to upgrade is a key and your country. Sit back and enjoy the benefits of Spotify's premium. Need help?

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